Supercharge Your Growth

From optimizing your patient workflows to boosting acceptance rates, streamlining insurance claims, and leveraging business analytics to boost your business, transform your dental practice into a thriving, patient-centered business.

Optimize Your Entire Practice

Transform the way you view and manage your dental office with our Patient Pipeline feature. With this tool, you can visualize and fill your practice’s pipeline, identifying new opportunities for growth.

Utilize sophisticated segmentation and filtering to pinpoint patients in need of treatment or those who might benefit from a gentle reminder.

Enhance the Patient Experience

The Dental App’s new patient workflow is intuitively designed for clarity and ease. This tool simplifies the exam process, enhancing understanding and treatment acceptance, and effectively takes your practice out of the stone age, transforming patient interactions into engaging, informative experience.

Transform Data Into Action Items

Gain clear insights into your operations and financials with our intuitive reporting system. Understand patient volumes, production values, and more to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and identify areas for growth. With The Dental App, turn data into strategic wisdom and propel your practice forward.