Go Live in 3 Days with The Dental App

Get Your Office Up and Running with The Dental App in Just 3 Days.

We recognize the challenges of adopting new software and transitioning your team to a different platform.

We’ve made the process as simple and straightforward as 1-2-3, ensuring a smooth and speedy setup.

The Best in Cloud-Based Security

Kickstart your shift to The Dental App with a secure, HIPAA-compliant data migration covering everything from practice management to imaging.

Verification & Team Training

We provide access to a test account with your data, allowing you to verify every detail for accuracy. This step is crucial in ensuring that your transition to The Dental App is seamless.

The Dental App team is ready to answer your questions and provide support via email or live Zoom call while you are testing.

Go Live with
The Dental App

We handle the final switch while minimizing disruption to your practice. Our support doesn't end at launch; our dedicated team remains available for any assistance or guidance needed as you explore the full capabilities of The Dental App.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Solution

By choosing The Dental App, you're not just updating your tools; you're transforming your approach to patient care and practice management. Our platform is designed to strengthen your relationship with patients and streamline your business operations, offering a clear path to success in the modern dental industry.
Data Ownership
With The Dental App, you retain full ownership of your data, with easy migration options if needed.
Internet Reliability
We provide solutions for fallback internet services, ensuring your practice keeps running smoothly, even in the event of internet loss.
Ease of Transition
Our migration process is designed to be smooth and comprehensive, transferring all your essential data, including X-ray images within 3 days.
Transforming your Practice
The Dental App is more than just a software solution; it’s a catalyst for change.
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