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Navigating the complexities of managing a dental practice with traditional tools can quickly become costly, with expenses often exceeding $2,000 monthly for services like Open Dental, Nexhealth, Dental Intel, and essential IT support. It's time for a transformative solution.

The Dental App delivers a streamlined, cost-effective practice management solution, significantly cutting operational costs by over $1,000 a month while equipping you with advanced tools to fill empty seats with the Patient Pipeline, increase treatment acceptance with the Guided Patient Exam, and get paid faster with our Claims Dash.

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Choosing the Right Path

As you consider your practice’s future, it’s important to weigh the true cost and value of your dental practice management software. While your current software might seem like the standard choice, it’s worth exploring how The Dental App can revolutionize your practice.
Dental practice management
Online scheduling
Reputation management
Clinical tools
Guided patient exam
Treatment planning
Pearl AI integration
ERX electronic prescriptions
Patient experiences & engagement
Patient pipeline
Automatic reminders
Two way texting
Promotional campaigns
Revenue cycle management
Claims dashboard
EOB processing
Billing and collections
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