Boost Treatment Acceptance

Transform your dental care delivery with The Dental App's advanced clinical tools for patient education, streamlined treatment planning, and innovative imaging integration options with Sota Cloud and Pearl AI.

Enhance the Patient Experience

The Dental App's new patient workflow is intuitively designed by dentists for clarity and ease. This tool simplifies the exam process, enhancing understanding and treatment acceptance, effectively taking your practice out of the stone age. It transforms patient interactions into engaging, informative experience.

Drive Treatment Acceptance

Our straightforward, user-friendly treatment planning lets you categorize treatments as 'should do', 'could do', and 'must do' for clear, consistent patient experiences, leading to more informed decisions and heightened satisfaction.

Enhance Your Imaging Processes

Experience the convenience of integrated imaging directly within The Dental App, eliminating the need for additional software. Our integration with Sota maximizes the potential of your X-ray images, offering powerful imaging capabilities without requiring a separate platform or additional monthly subscriptions.

AI Powered Diagnostics

Embrace the future of dental diagnostics with The Dental App's integration of Pearl AI, an advanced artificial intelligence designed for interpreting X-ray images. Pearl AI's cutting-edge technology provides an extra layer of precision and insight, enhancing your ability to diagnose from X-rays.

Streamline Your Prescribing Process

Automate key communications, from post-op instructions to review requests, and proactively gather patient feedback with our survey feature. Address concerns early, transforming challenges into positive experiences. Actively manage your reviews to maintain a stellar reputation and grow your business quicker.