Reclaim Control

From online scheduling and task management to reputation control and analytics, our suite streamlines operations and enhances control, ensuring a more efficient, business-focused approach to patient care.

Streamline Bookings

Effortlessly create precise appointments with customizable templates and pre-stored codes. Watch slots turn green upon patient confirmation via text or email. In the digital age, offer the ease of online booking your patients expect, laying the foundation for lasting relationships.

Manage Efficient Teams

Streamline your team's workflow with auto-generated tasks, ensuring every detail is managed. Our tool not only enhances patient experiences but also reduces cancellations and increases scheduled production. It's more than a feature - it's your strategy for a more efficient, successful practice.

Build Lasting Patient Relationship

Automate key communications, from post-op instructions to review requests, and proactively gather patient feedback with our survey feature. Address concerns early, transforming challenges into positive experiences. Actively manage your reviews to maintain a stellar reputation and grow your business quicker.

Transform Data Into Action Items

Gain clear insights into your operations and financials with our intuitive reporting system. Understand patient volumes, production values, and more to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and identify areas for growth. With The Dental App, turn data into strategic wisdom and propel your practice forward.